How to Patch Holes in Dry Wall

Tough as it is, drywall can only withstand limited abuse. A door flung open with great force can make a doorknob-size hole in your wall. This damage looks bad. Nevertheless, even big holes can be easy to fix.

The easiest way to repair holes in dry wall is to buy a drywall repair kit by measuring the hole and check out your local hardware store or home improvement store to buy a kit. There are different types and sizes for various applications. For instance, a drywall patch for ceiling is thicker than for the wall. Before using the kit, make sure to remove any loose plaster or paper around the hole edges.

For fixing small drywall hole, follow the tips below:

1. Prepare a tin can lid at least one and a half inches in diameter than the hole in the drywall. Use a keyhole saw in cutting out a narrow horizontal slit in each side of the hole. Make sure that your measurements of the hole should be equal in diameter or lid to be able to insert lid into the hole.

2. Use an awl to punch two holes in the lid center and then thread a 12-inch piece of string or wire through the holes.

3. While holding the ends of wire, slide the lid through and pull it towards you until it is flat against the inside of the wall. Set stick or scrap wood over the hole to hold it in place and twist the wire tight over the stick. The can lid should be firmly held against the inside of the wall.

4. Use a putty knife when applying pre-mixed drywall-patching compound over the patch by following manufacturer’s instructions. You could also mix plaster of paris with water to create a thick paste. Pack the compound or plaster to the hole against the backing and behind stick. Keep the compound inside the drywall hole and cover the backing and fill the slits. Nevertheless, do not spread it on the wall surface. Allow the patch dry until it turns bright white, at least for 24 hours. When it is dry, cut the string or wire and remove the stick.

For fixing big drywall hole, follow these tips:

1. Cut a square area bigger than the hole using a keyhole saw or utility knife.

2. Cut two backer boards so they are two or three inches wider than the drywall hole.

3. Put a backer board inside the hole at the top edge and secure it with a one and ¼ drywall screws and holding it on place as you work. Tighten until the screw heads are below the surface, place a second backer board inside the lower edge of the opening, and secure with screws.

4. Cut the patch to fit in the opening, screw the patch to the backer and tighten with screws until the screw heads are below the surface.

5. Apply pieces of fibreglass tape over the seams.

6. Cover tape using a thin coat of compound and sand lightly when dry. You can then apply two more coats. Sand and feather every coat until the surface is smooth.

Post time: 11-15-2017