How to Shoot a Basket!

Many people shy away from playing sports because they are unable to score points. Why play on a team that relies on you if you can’t get the ball in the hoop? Though an opinion shared by many, you should never let inexperience or fear of failure stop you from playing a sport like basketball.

The great thing about deciding to play is that you can always learn. Even the best players learn new tricks, new ways to get better, every day. Today we will learn how to shoot a basket.

One thing to keep in mind is that nobody is born perfect. The best players got that way by practicing every day. Their form is near perfect on each shot because they could score in their sleep.

To begin shooting practice, start by standing on the freethrow line. Running and shooting will come once your standing technique is sound. For proper standing form, spread your feet to be about hips distance apart, and bend slightly into your knees (don’t sit in a chair, just don’t have your legs locked. You want to put your whole body behind this throw). The foot below your shooting arm should be slightly in front of the other foot.

Throw off of your dominant hand. Though both hands are on the ball, the second hand simply helps to guide the ball to where it needs to go. Keep your eyes focused on one target while you shoot. The ball may not go there right away; learning how to shoot a basketball takes time, effort, and practice.

A few hints:

Keep elbows tucked in. If they are under the ball, the ball will shoot off of the fingertips and stay straight. If you have floppy elbows the ball will not go where you were hoping it would.

Though the form of your arms is important, the strength of your shot comes from your legs. Bend from your knees and push off and up through your toes. The more leg strength used the less hands are needed to generate power. This way your hands can focus on aiming for the basket.

Still not sure exactly how to shoot a basketball? Mimic the pros, they are the best players out there.

Post time: 12-26-2017