Have you dreamed of having straight, beautiful, white teeth? Do you have a loved one that would like straight teeth? Do you hate the way traditional braces look with all the wires, tightening, and rubber bands? Have you been searching for a pain-free and very easy process to straight teeth? YOUR SEARCH IS OVER!

Listen and watch as Dr. Michael Brogna (DMD FADG) of the BENSALEM DENTAL GROUP talk openly and candid about the entire process and procedure to achieve pain-free teeth straightening –with no braces, wires, or rubber bands. You will quickly see and learn why “Dr. B” aka Dr. Brogna is loved by his patients, and why they refer their family, friends, and co-workers to the Bensalem Dental Group for all their dentistry, orthodontics, and oral cleanings with their state-of-the-art office. Dr. Brogna’s patients travel far and near (Bucks County, Northeast and South Philadelphia, as well as South Jersey) for the very best dentistry experience in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

DR. MICHAEL BROGNA and the BENSALEM DENTAL GROUP is conveniently located at 1044 Byberry Road, Bensalem, PA 19020, and is just minutes from 95 and Street Road exit, as well as the Pennsylvania Turnpike Philadelphia exit at Route 1. Mention this exclusive YOUTUBE video when you call for your FREE consultation with Dr. Brogna (215) 638-3350. You can also browse the Bensalem Dental Group website at

In this exclusive Youtube video, Dr. Brogna talks about the greatest advancement in Orthodontics and Dentistry in the last twenty years, as INVISALIGN straightens teeth to perfection. No more is there need for wire changing, bending wires, and rubber bands, as INVISALIGN is a simple and easy process to achieve the beautiful smile you always dreamed of.

The INVISALIGN process is easy as only one impression is needed and is sent along to the lab with your photographs and records. No second impression is ever needed. INVISALIGN manufactures your clear aligners that will be changed every few weeks as your teeth begin to straighten. Your progress is closely monitored to ensure the teeth are moving into place as they should be, and clear aligner trays are changed as needed.

Teeth straightening can be performed on upper, or lower teeth –or both. No matter the crowding or spacing of the patients teeth, INVISALIGN has worked in EVERY case!

In today’s society and business world your smile is everything. Having beautiful straight teeth has never before been so easy, painless, and effortless.

Please mention this exclusive YOUTUBE video when you call for your FREE consultation today with Dr. Michael Brogna to discuss teeth straightening, INVISALIGN, and general painless and anxiety-free dentistry (215) 638-3350. Don’t wait! Get the straight, beautiful smile you always dreamed of now!

Post time: 12-26-2016