How to Work Your Drums

So let me start by saying that I am a drummer living in Georgia that can do a lot of things.


coordination is probably the a hardest thing in drumming. its not something you can just do, it takes the most time out of everything. I cant help with this on but it is just one that takes time.


This is one that i can help with. If u are right handed, and u like to pat on your desk, or table, or whatever u play on when don’t have a set with u, then I’m pretty sure u notice that your right hand is a lot faster than your left. the trick to this is to try to play the high hat with your left hand. Dont do that when you are playing. play with your left as a lead. This technique works all the time and it just takes like a month to get good

Building your set-

This is one of the best parts. It costs a lot of money but it is worth it. It feels reallt good to add a new piece to your set but don’t go crazy about it, it takes time to get used to having it in your arsenal. If u have a basic set (3toms, snare hi-hat, crash, ride, base) start out with buying a different size crash.

Well I hoped I helped out in some way possible thanks for Reading, a lot of famous drummers have used this by the way. SO IT WORKS

Post time: 12-01-2017