Improved Prusa i3 Spool Holder

I’ve got something for all the Prusa i3 owners out there, it’s a new improved spool holder to replace the one that came with your Prusa versions Mk1 to Mk2S. I’ve done away with having to detach the arms each time you change a spool and I made the arms attach much more securely. In this design I’ve incorporated a removable spool spindle out of the cheap and common old PVC tube in the 20mm or ¾ inch diameter. You’ll find it in all hardware stores or you could just print the tube I added in the downloads.

The design is free to download from thingaverse here:-

You can print this in good old PLA at 0.15 or 0.20mm layer height and you won’t need to use supports. If you intend on having a heated chamber then choose instead PETG or ABS as PLA will deform at around 55 Celsius. This was printed with 4 perimeters and 15% fill though I think 3 perimeters and 10% fill is still more than enough.

I cut my spindle at 22.5cm. I use a pipe cutter because it’s very neat but pruning secateurs or a hacksaw will also do the job.

When attaching the arms you’ll just need to push them down while wiggling them a little to get them in position before levering them gently until they snap securely onto the frame. Once both arms are on take your spindle and put a filament spool on it and simply let the spindle slot in securely with a reassuring snap!

I also made a spindle that has 608 skate bearings on the ends but to be honest this is overkill and the standard PVC tube is just as good for most uses.

If you want to see more of my DIY videos you can check out my youtube channel – Scotty Makes Stuff

Post time: 06-20-2017