Is CashCrate a Scam? – CashCrate Review Exposed!

There are many get paid to sites out there, and we’ve found that CashCrate was talked about the most. We decided to give CashCrate a try and went over to their site and signed up. Within minutes, we were signed up and logged into our personal profile.

If you are wondering how CashCrate works, here is what we came up with. There are companies out there that will pay CashCrate a certain amount of money to try and review products, services, and websites. This means you can get paid to sign up for free sites, participate in free sweepstakes, and even try out products (although that’s optional). CashCrate will pay you 75% of what they actually get per offer. This is great, compared to the 50% that most get paid to sites give.

We love the site design. It has a very simple design and is easy on the eyes. We also love that CashCrate is easy to navigate around. We would easily check our earnings, complete free offers, and access other features of the site such as our referral area and the community forums.

After navigating on the site for a few minutes, we decided to try out first offer. It was a simple offer and all we had to do was go a three-page sign up process. All we had to do was give our email address. Of course, we created a free Gmail account to use just for CashCrate so we didn’t receive spam to our main inbox. After completing the offer, it was credited to our account within 5 minutes. Our first $3.00 was made in a matter of minutes!

Once you make a minimum of $10.00, you will be paid through a check around the 20th of next month. We were able to make our first $10.00 within the first hour of signing up on the site. The minimum cashout amount can be easily reached.

Our overall review with CashCrate is positive. It’s actually a legitimate site that will pay you to complete offers, surveys, and more. We never had a single problem with the site, and everything seems to credit fine for us. Five out of five stars. Great job CashCrate!

Post time: 12-25-2017