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The major advantages of laser cutting with the LP8000 series or actually any cutting lasers from Worldwide Laser are:

•Highly Accurate and repeatable placement of laser cuts +/- one micron can be achieved
•High speed of laser cutting allows for increased plant efficiency and manufacture of more parts
•Eliminate costly mechanical cutting systems and loss production time associated with change over of cutting punch or blades when product is changed
•No maintenance or need to purchase MRO parts once the laser cutting systems are installed they are maintenance and cost free for up to 5 years of operations or 30,000 hours
•Significant reduction of scrap rates and the costs associated with scrap
•Laser cutting or laser trimming can be done closer to the edge of the product so less product is wasted
•Laser cutting systems eliminate all machine contact with the part being cut so the press or punch can no longer crush or tear the part
•Laser cutting systems eliminate blades and/or knives which can dull or build up with debris causing damage to the part being cut

Contact Worldwide Laser to discuss how laser cutting your products with the LP8000 series lasers might aid your operations or help to solve any productions problems currently being experienced by your company. The laser experts at Worldwide Laser can assist with the design, building, and installation of a complete turnkey laser system for laser marking applications including plastic, acrylic, glass, wood, and many other materials.

Financing available for WLSC clients
Worldwide Laser offers the option to lease our laser cutting systems or any laser system for an online application follow this link-

Co2 Tea Mask Lasers
Dont forget Worldwide Laser for all your TEA Mask laser requirements new and used parts, repairs, service, and refurbished lasers for the LUMONICS series 920 to 960 Laser Mark lasers.

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