Lift Audio Icon Series 6 Mm Premium Earphones (Black)

I’ll start this review by disclosing that I’m no expert when it comes to electronics. I’ve been using the earphones that came with my iPod until receiving the Lift Audio Icon Series 6 mm Premium Earphones (Black) from the Amazon Vine program. So, this is only my second pair of earphones for my iPod and my first impression is that I really like them.

First, I’ll mention the case that comes with them. It’s a small zippered hard shell nylon case of about three inches across. It opens up like a clam shell and inside both sides have mesh pockets. The two spare silicone fittings fit nicely in one side. Maybe I shouldn’t say spare, since they are really alternatives. The earphones come with three sizes of the silicone fitting, so the other two sizes fit nicely into the one side’s pocket. The earphones and cord fold up to fit in the case, and on the outside there is a small carabiner clip so you can clip them to whatever. It’s a nice little case, but I’m not really sure how much I’ll use it, since I normally just leave the earphones attached to the iPod. We’ll see.

The earphones themselves are comfortable and fit snuggly back into the ear. They do a good job of blocking out outside noise. Again, I’m not an expert in this area, but I thought the sound was very good. I listened to a variety of styles of music that I have in my iPod, Country, Rock, Classical, New Age, Soundtracks, and so forth, and they all sounded good to me. I have not had the black silicone fittings fall off, but I do have a concern that when they get old, etc. how much to replace them, or do I need to get an entire new set. Some people have indicated they are hard to find when they fall off. I’m hoping I don’t learn that first hand.

The cord is another thing that was different than what I was used to. It is covered by some kind of fabric, rather than the plastic I was familiar with. It doesn’t kink up like the plastic covered ones do. I liked this, but there is a small problem of when the cord is rubbed, it sounds like someone blowing into a microphone in your ears. So if you are moving your head around a lot, and the cord is rubbing along your face, it distorts the sound of your music some.

Overall, I really like them. They would be a bit pricey if you paid the retail of $79.99, but the amazon price of $34.99 is not too far fetched compared to other higher end earphones. Earphones are sort of personal to people, and everyone has their favorites for different reasons. I like these premium earphones from Lift Audio and think they do a very good job at being comfortable and providing great sound.

Post time: 12-26-2016