Making Your Boardroom Or Meeting Room Special

The Company Boardroom or Meeting Room is likely to be either disregarded altogether or treated like the “Holy of Holies”.

The value of a quality room for the key business meetings of any organisation should not be underestimated. It is a place to engage with clients and suppliers as well as the place for essential in house business meetings where critical company decisions are made.

Because of the importance of this space to the progressive business much thought needs to be used on the best way in which to design the space. The area should enable the maximum capability for quality meetings, whether one to one or with larger groups.

The atmosphere always has a level of formality but should be relaxing too, give opportunity for effective presentations by incorporating effective up to date communication technology that is simple to use.

This is a multi faceted work space which can add prestige to a business, make creativity and idea flow a pleasure, be stimulating and invigorating, in short be the centre of a progressive, development focussed company.

So what are the key ingredients of making this space effective?

Probably the most critical element is the space itself, it requires to be large enough to cope with the largest meeting yet suitable for the smaller discussions when required.

The area needs to be light, whether using natural or artificial lighting, provide for privacy and well temperature controlled. Too warm or too cold an atmosphere can be a death knell for meetings of all kinds.

Décor needs to be neutral to allow for the focus of any room is the presentation within rather than the surroundings.

Then come the furnishings: These give the room the ambiance and provide the essential working spaces required. A quality Boardroom table, large enough for the envisaged need. Finishes of the table can be modern or traditional, use real wood finishes, glass, solid surface materials such as Corian or laminates. The storage should account for presentation materials, maybe a VDU, white boards, flip charts and all the necessary ingredients for the successful meeting. Seating should be comfortable and work well ergonomically with the table and work surfaces.

All of this builds to the need for effective and carefully planned design of the space in order to achieve the maximum effectiveness. Providing the right environment for stimulating and productive meetings could spell success and growth for any company. The wrong combination at best would be de-motivating and at worst could spell disaster.

Post time: 11-15-2017