Marc – Simulating Manufacturing with Simufact.welding

Simulation is increasingly used to simulate manufacturing process in order to optimize the process parameters and reduce produce failure during manufacturing and in service. The manufacturing solutions offered by Simufact, based on MSC Software’s nonlinear solver technology, help improve development efficiency and product performance across a wide range of manufacturing processes.

Using the flagship products of Simufact.welding & Simufact.forming, the complete sheet metal manufacturing process chain can be simulated, including blanking, forming, welding, joining and heat-treatment.

The easy-to-use software allows manufacturers to optimize:

-Welding of formed parts

-Distortion, Residual Stresses and material properties of final part

-Weld strength, durability & crash

This webinar provides an overview of Simufact’s solutions along with several industry examples.

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Post time: 07-29-2017