Married Women, Keep The Spark Alive

There are times when a relationship can appear to fall into a rut. With a bit of thought and desire married women can keep the spark alive. Of course the married man must help the married woman. However it may fall to the wife to initiate the changes, luckily it is well worth the effort.

Think about why you married who you did. Most often, women married the men they loved, the men who would be good husbands, fathers and partners. Try to remember the traits that attracted you in the first place. Day to day life at times can cause one to forget why they fell in love in the first place.

How to keep the spark alive.

. Romance him. Do the cute, thoughtful things that you did in the beginning of the relationship. He will be happy and more likely to want to make you happy. Make time for each other. Date night should be a priority for both of you.

. Accept him as he is and let him know that you do. One of the biggest issues men have in relationships is feeling that he is not accepted as he is. Don’t try to change him. Compliment him on things he does well.

. Loosen up and let go in the bedroom. Try new things, talk about what you both like and do not like. Discuss your fantasies. Make it fun and exciting like it was in the beginning. It should not be a chore,

. Listen to your heart. You know how to be loving and how to make your relationship work. Sometimes your head can over rule your heart. Of course you cannot totally ignore your head, if for instance you are being hurt and abused, your head telling you to get out is correct. However, if your mate works late to help catch up on bills, your head may say he is not spending enough time with you, while your heart is saying, he is doing it out of love. In that case, listen to your heart.

Remember that just as woman married men that they love and want to be with, men also marry the woman that he loves and wants to be with. You both found that something special in each other. Do all that you can to keep the spark alive. Relationships do not have to fall into a rut, many can and do stay exciting and romantic. The love you have can grow stronger each and every year. Each year gives you more history together, and brings you closer to each other. Sure every day life can put a wedge in even the best romantic plans, during those times, remember to laugh together.

Post time: 03-10-2018