Mega Shredder MS3669 Shredding Mixed Copper Wire

Sweed’s Mega Shredder MS3669 shredding mixed copper wire.
Throughput: 40-45,000 lbs per hour at 37 RPM and 2 1/2″ x 6″ grate opening.
Throughput: 20-25,000 lbs per hour at 25 RPM and 2 1/2″ x 3″ grate opening.
150 HP
36″ Diameter Rotor
69″ Rotor Length
Single Shaft Screen Processor
Weighs 35,000 lbs
Sweed is proud to have served the recycling and wood products industries for 60 years. If you want the latest technology, quality craftsmanship, unmatched customer service and excellent after-sale support… Sweed Machinery is the answer!

Sweed’s recycling equipment can manage all types of wire and cable scrap, including: ferrous and non-ferrous wire, ACSR, communication wire, utility cables, power cables, copper wire, electrical multi-strand wire, romex, #1, #2 and #3 wire! Sweed systems are designed and manufactured in the United States, and offer unsurpassed technical assistance and after-sale support.

With the high price of clean recyclable conductive metals, no matter what your output requirements are, Sweed’s wire and cable recycling equipment has tremendous potential for quick paybacks and outstanding long-term profits!

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Sweed’s line of scrap choppers process: PET strapping, steel banding, baling wire, tube scarf, slitter edge trim, bandsaw blades, doctor blades, coater blades, and much more (virtually any scrap material that is linear)!

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Sweed’s cut to length choppers are designed to increase band cutting efficiency and worker safety. By automating the band cutting process, workers receive accurately cut pieces of banding, and material cost is reduced by eliminating waste. Cut to Length choppers also allow companies to eliminate repetitive cutting operations and reduce the possibility of lacerations and serious repetitive task injuries.

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Alligator shears are important for facilities needing to prepare scrap for shredding. This adds value to the scrap and improves the quality of the processed scrap. Sweed alligator shears are simple to operate and feature fast cycle times while maintaining a high cutting force for tough scrap material such as: steel, bar, wire, cable, plates, tubes and other mixed metal products.

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