metal roofing | two valley and ridge 601 750 2274 | how to install metal roof panels Metal roof with two valleys and one ridge require that Michael fabricate onsite the metal required for a smooth finish. By notching the top of both valley metal runs, the top of the valleys are smooth and do not cause the installation of the ridge to kick up , as is the case on a lot of installations that do not take the time to customize the metal. call Michael with any questions or free estimates. 601 750 2274
Metal roofing panels installed over the properly prepared shingle roof , Jackson Ms.
the perimeter shingles are trimmed back as well as the shingles on the rakes prior to installing the reflective foil insulation. Next, treated 1 x 4′s are nailed onto the existing rafters of the roof framing, these are on 2 foot centers. The existing ridge is removed, a 4 inch wide cut is made to vent the attic, and the roofing panels are turned up at the ridge to eliminate any blowing rain getting under the ridge cap. All the trim on the rakes, and flashing installed after metal panels are installed.

Post time: 12-26-2016