Mini DVD Replication

Mini DVD replication is an economical way to create copies of 1000 or more mini DVDs. It is done in a manner similar to standard DVD replication. The difference is in the size and capacity of mini discs created. These discs are about 80 mm in diameter and can hold larger amount of data than standard discs.

Mini DVD replication is a different process compared to mini DVD-R duplication. In duplication, data is written simply onto recordable mini DVD-R discs. But replication is an industrial process in which data is stamped into injection molded discs with the help of glass masters. This process is more durable compared to mini DVD duplication. Moreover, replication ensures a professional look and finish for the DVDs.

There are a number of companies that deal with mini DVD replication. So it is not difficult to find a good service that provides replication services at reasonable costs. Creating, printing, and packaging of mini DVDs are included as part of services. Silkscreen, offset or litho printing is done in the printing section. Packaging options can vary from simple PVC wallets to the latest card wallets.

In mini DVD replication, replicated DVDs are generally obtained in two data sizes – as single sided and single layered DVDs with 1.4 GB capacity and as double layered ones that can hold up to 2.9 GB of data. The DVDs are available in spindle, plastic or full color cardboard sleeves or soft plastics cases. Some companies even offer mini DVD replication packages to customers. The packages usually contain an 8cm mini DVD, glass master, and a disc label.

Mini DVD replication is an ideal way to preserve and store special videos, important data, and other photos that cannot be replaced. The process of replication is a fast and easy way to store critical data using replication technique.

Post time: 11-15-2017