Minimising Paper Use in Your Office

Document scanning services are a good way to minimise paper use in your office. This is greener, tidier and reduces costs and wasted time.

However, it does require some re-thinking of working practices and you’ll need to make sure all staff are on board and understand what’s expected of them.

Almost any type of paper document from your business can be scanned, including invoices, correspondence, tax papers, invoices, receipts, drawings and more.

Scanning services firms can even handle poor-quality photocopies, staples, hole punched items, coloured paper, handwriting and more.

A scanning services company will either come to your premises if you prefer, or they can take your documents away, using secure, fully insured couriers. Paper clips, staples and other binders will all be manually removed and your papers will be carefully kept in the correct order. The documents will then be scanned.


After your papers have been scanned, they will be electronically indexed, based on your requirements. The company will discuss with you how you’d like to be able to search for documents.

These searches could include:

• Client name

• Code

• Document type

• Anything else you choose

Sometimes, following discussions with you a scanning services company can securely dispose of unwanted paper documents. However, no documents will ever be destroyed unless agreed by you.

Scanning services can minimise the need for paper documents to be stored in filing cabinets.

Incoming documents will then subsequently need to be scanned and indexed as and when they arrive.

More ways to reduce paper use at work

• Make the paper minimisation strategy clear to all staff. You could perhaps organise workshops outlining the reasons for the initiative and giving employees ideas on how they can help.

• Lead by example in your paper use.

• Discourage automatic printing and photocopying. Some people do this without thinking.

• Encourage emailing rather than letter-sending where appropriate

• Use online banking and billing services where you can so that you don’t need to have every statement and bill delivered.

• Consider whether you could read industry publications online, rather than having the print versions delivered.

• Ask to be removed from junk mail lists and have a notice near your letter box that you don’t want to receive junk mail.

• Use online tools and wipeable notice boards rather than post-it notes

• Use paperless billing and invoicing as part of your office systems

• Appoint a member of staff to keep up with ways in which the company can continue to use less paper

• Use any scrap paper for notes and use both sides of the paper

Post time: 06-20-2017