Neo Mario Galaxy – Part 1 – One Mole Death

Neo Mario Galaxy is the biggest released Super Mario Galaxy 2 hack. It contains 22 new power stars, 8 new galaxies, and brings back power-ups from Galaxy 1. This hack was created by Aurum and a few others.

Trying to do two playthroughs at the same time is silly but I REALLY want to show you this hack. If you were excited for SMG2.5 back in the day, this is the hack for you. I’m predicting that this hack will take around 5-6 episodes and I’ll upload Toad videos in between as well. I’ve requested that Troy does the CPU challenge videos and if he decides to do that then I’ll probably take a break to focus on getting these out.

Anyhoo, you can download this hack if you look at the download section of this description. There’s an installation guide on the website that I’ll be linking. Remember that you won’t be playing the exact same version as me because there’s been a patch.


Outro Music:



Release Trailer:



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Post time: 07-30-2017