OTD500 Cable Recycling Machine is working, separating copper and plastic

Cable Recycling Machine / Copper Wire Crusher / Copper and Plastic separator OTD integrated type copper wire crusher adopts advanced design, rational structure, limited space and reliable operation. This machine includes crusher, vibrating screen, feeding blower, separating blowers, dust collector and control system. The mixture will directly fall into vibrating screen after crushing, and will go through separating blower, gathering blower and accessorial blower. With screen box straight shock excitation, the sheath and core will separate, and get copper particles, plastic pellets and mixture from different outlet area. Dust goes to dust gatherer through air flue. The vibrating screen and separating blower will be controlled by transducer, which can adjust frequency and the air value according to different conditions. This type of machine is easy to operation and maintenance, and the separated precision can reach 99%. It will be good choice for the small diameter auto cable.
Size of cable depends on model
Capacity also depends on model
1、Motor Siemens
2、Blade: Alloy steel
3、Bearing: NSK
4、Electrical component: Schneider

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Post time: 12-26-2016