Paper Cone Finishing Machine

This machine is used for finishing paper cone or paper bobbin. It is easy operate and efficient. It has a moderate price. If you are interested in it, pls contact with Hunt Xue.
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The machine is used tofinishing the paper cone.This machine is very simple ,stable, esay operate ,less maintenance., and save paper around 22%.

2.Main specification:
Power:21KW/380V/50Hz/3phases(Coal Heating dryer)
45KW/380V/50Hz/3PHASES(Electric Heating dryer)
Cone size:3deg.30,4deg.20,5deg.57
Applicable paper:320-450gsm paper reel
Compressed air:1.8m3/min,0.8MPa
Operator:2 persons/shift
Working space:14000*7000*4000mm

Post time: 09-04-2017