Plastic bottle cutter. How to make a device for cutting ribbon of PET bottles

Cashback 7% (Aliexpress) – – Blades of 17 mm, – Aerials. How to make plastic bottle cutter own hands at home from improvised. Use it to cut the tape of different widths from plastic PET bottles.

For the manufacture of need:
1) Metal T or U-shaped profile.
2) The blade of the knife stationery.
3) from the old antenna receiver or a stud.
4) The metal plate or the like for pressing the product stationery knife.
5) Bolt – 2 pieces
6) Washer – 4 pieces
7) Nut – 2 pieces
8) Tools required: a jigsaw or hacksaw, drill, metal, screwdriver, pliers.

If you just loosen the bolt antenna and turn it clockwise by 90 degrees, it will be possible to fold the antenna. The device will be more compact and easier to carry.

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