Please computerji let me set off my SGST and lock the computer (GST liability)

Payment link :


Videos (Approx 30 hours) : We will sent you a link in your email immediately for download of lectures. Every week lectures shall be uploaded.

Books : We shall you e book of GST in parts. (Approx 200 pages)


Objective of this course is academic where section wise provisions shall be discussed. In these video classes we shall discuss interpretation of various sections of GST.

Practical aspects of GST like how to fill form etc we shall keep on discussing in our youtube channel.

For best understanding and complete understanding watch both paid videos and free videos.

Useful for following learners

CS Executive : Dec 2017 attempt
CS Professional : Dec 2017 attempt
CA IPCC : May 2018 attempt
GST Practitioners : Valid till Dec 2017
Recording of lectures are in progress. Each week we shall be uploading the lectures in our link from where these lectures need to be downloaded. We are expecting that all lectures shall be uploaded by 15-11-2017.

Expected duration of the lectures should be around 20 hours to 30 hours.


The author of book is CS K K Agrawal who is faculty of Direct Tax and GST having 15+ experience in teaching. He is visiting faculty at ICAI and ICSI. His online classes are available at He is also author of “India’s No. 1 book on Tax”

His writing and teaching is evolved in this quote “YOUR EDUCATION IN TAX IS BEST IF YOU CAN GIVE TAX ADVICE”. The tax advise is possible only when you are able to understand in-depth knowledge of tax in both theory and practicals. He has been encouragaging students to think creatively and apply their mind so that they can create their own sets of problems and their solutions. This type of understanding has encouraged many students to go further explore the depth of the subject.

Least to say all the premier institutes says the following : “Taxation is one of the core competence areas of CA. CA’s are expected to ADVISE clients in the area of direct taxes and GST.

I can say with 100% confidence that this book shall make tax interesting and encourage you to read, read and read.

My favourite quote is “NEVER SAY DIE”. This never fail can be felt in books and videos both.

Post time: 09-04-2017