Pool Guy (Gal) Basic Training Part 3 Salt Water Systems (SWG) Overview

I go over the various salt water systems on my pool route, known also as SWG. Each one is a little different but once you learn one system you can get the hang of the others pretty fast. The Pentair Intellichlor IC-40 and the Hayward Aquarite are the two most common on my pool route.

In this video I will give Nathan a basic overview of the salt water systems that will be typical on his route.

The Series:
This is a set of in-depth training videos that I decided to put on YouTube. I could charge for this video series and or sell a DVD version but I feel that it better serves people if they are FREE. Of course if you find this series helpful in learning how to do service as a business or in training your teenagers how to maintain the family pool, feel free to Donate ;)

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These videos will be longish and not cleanly edited as I want to show as much information as possible so that you can copy these techniques accurately. Hopefully not boring but educational.

Here are the parts for this series:
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Basically you will come along with Nathan and me as we service 100 pools each week and I will try to teach Nathan as much as possible in a one month period. Of course I have lots of specific videos already on many of the things you will see here – but in this series I put it all together in practice for you.

Playlist that you might find useful to go along with this series:

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