Portable Water Heater Bliss – Hot Showers in the Boondocks With the Birds Chirping Overhead

Do you remember the good old days in the mountains, waking up at sunrise, running down to the creek and washing your face? Remember how good that cold water felt, and how it woke you up? Don’t you miss those days? Yeh, right! I don’t!

When I’m out camping, I don’t know what I would do without my lounge chair, my air mattress and my portable water heater. Especially my water heater! I just love those warm showers in the boonies, with the early morning birds chirping overhead and a melted puddle of frosty ground around my feet.

All you need to do is to muster up some courage and remove those lovely warm blankets, put the hose in the creek, turn on the pump, press the ignition button and wallah, you have a dose of hot ecstasy on a cold winter’s morning.

My portable water heater seems to be enjoying himself too, with his showerhead hanging from a branch and gently swaying in the breeze. And later in the morning, you should see the glee on his face as he revels in the sudsy glory of dishwashing bliss.

But for now, it’s still me and my portable camping shower under the tree. But soon it will be the kids turn, for I can see them tip toeing through the frosty grass, and getting ready to make a frontal assault. I’m not going to give up my joy that easily. They are going to have to do some family frolicking under a nozzle.

Before we left home, the kids remembered our last camping trip, and they were the ones who packed the water heater into the trunk. Actually, they know him well. His simple technology is not daunting to them. They use him all the time at home, for washing the dog, washing their toys, and even sometimes for cleaning my car. They even refer to him respectfully by his last name, Zodi. No, it must his first name, for it said Zodi Hot Tap on the box.

Our portable water heater is the high performing Zodi. He has two burners, not one like his brother, and he can easily handle the cold creek water on this early winter’s day. Our Zodi shower comes with a carrying case that doubles up as a 4 gallon water container in case there is no creek nearby, or in the eventuality that your pump batteries are run down. The 4 gallons of water in that container can provide you with a 10 minute shower.

Zodi only cost me about $250. His brother is $100 cheaper. Yes, our portable water heater is one of the best purchases I ever made!

Post time: 03-10-2018