Porte bobine / Bobbin holder…. Hookbobbin 2015

Adjustable tension bobbin holder with two retractable hooks for fly tying………………and easy dubbing.
Passionate by angling, in particular fly flishing for trout, grayling and salmon, using both dry flies and nymphs or streamers, and also by fly tying, with a natural tendency to look for innovative, simple and effective solutions in any field that interests me, sometimes minimalist solutions that require less equipment and material but that are more efficient; it became obvious to me that I needed to invent a dubbing tool that could replace two others, the bobbin holder and the dubbing twister.

After a lot of reflection, sketches and drawings, I achieved a modern, new-generation bobbin holder with an integrated dubbing twister. HookBobbin was born.


Post time: 09-02-2017