Product Introduction: Belzona 4154 and Belzona 4124

Barry Nisill, Vice President of Technical Service at Belzona introduces Belzona 4154 and Belzona 4124 to the Global market!

This short video offers an insight into the thought process behind the development of these multipurpose concrete repair systems and discusses the key features and benefits that these new innovations offer to a global market.

Belzona 4154 has been formulated for resurfacing and rebuilding concrete and stonework damaged by impact, vibration, chemicals and environmental attack. It is a two par resin that can be mixed with either Belzona 4124 or a locally sourced aggregate to bulk fill large volume loss in concrete and stone.

The product was developed as we had encountered situations where clients had come to Belzona with a problem on-site but due to the large volume of product required to undertake the application, it wasn’t cost effective to complete with a traditional line of Belzona materials.

When combined with a cost-effective aggregate, Belzona 4154 provides a high mechanical strength repair which can be topped with an existing 4100 series product to provide additional abrasion, wear and chemical resistance.

The system is simple to apply and ensures your site can be returned to service quickly and efficiently. Compared with other concrete and cementitious materials which can take up to 28 days to cure and be put back into service, this simple solution from Belzona offers huge savings in down time and costs as it can be applied and put back into service in a matter of hours.

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Post time: 06-19-2017