Railfanning NS Greenville District 06-07-17: Tier 4 Credit, UPs, SD70, Rail Train, And More

Sorry for the long wait. That day is a really successful railfanning day for the Greenville DIstrict. I missed 212 when arriving but it had a Dash 9 leading an ACe that day so I am not disappointed. The Intermodals seem to have nothing special, but the Manifests are wehere the good stuff is on. Enjoy.

Buford, GA

0:00 Amtrak 19 goes by with P42 #177 and Dash 8 #513 (Cure White)

Amtrak P42DC #177-Phase V-Sick 3rd Gen K5LA Horn
Amtrak P32-8BWH #513-Phase V

1:25 NS 211 goes by with 2 Dash 9s, interestingly, I caught the lead 9 lading the geometry train last year, so very suprised it led an actual train this time.

NS CW44-9 #9068-HH-New Cast P5 Horn
NS CW44-9 #9568-Old NS

5:24 NS 203 Goes By with 2 Dash 9s and an ACe. The lead 9 had a P5 as well.

NS CW44-9 #9445-Old NS-New Cast P5 Horn
NS CW44-9 #8992-Old NS
NS SD70ACe #1044-HH

7:58 NS 154 goes by with my first ever Tier 4 credit ES44AC Leader! Features a Tier 4 credit GEVO and a 60E up front with a Dash 9 and ACu as Mid-DPUs.

NS ES44AC #8166-HH-3rd Gen K5HL Horn
NS SD60E #6907-HH
NS CW44-9 #9454-Old NS (Mid-DPU)
NS SD70ACu #7244-HH (Mid-DPU)

10:54 NS 172 goes by with a trio of Union Pacifics! I would much rather see the SD70AH lead this one.

UP SD70M #4691-Wings-1st Gen K3L Horn
UP AC44CWCTE #7122-Shields
UP SD70AH #8880-Flags

13:45 NS 221 goes by with a Dash 9 and an ACe Ripoff (SD70ACu).

NS CW44-9 #9243-HH-3rd Gen K5H Horn
NS SD70ACu #7282-HH

17:24 153 Goes by with 2 UPs and an NS and 126 Cars. I’ll take this one since the lead UP SD70M is an older one.

UP SD70M #3987-Wings-1st Gen K3LA Horn
UP C45ACCTE #2560-Flags
NS CW44-9 #9643-Old NS

21:18 My Main Highlight of the day!! NS 173 goes by with an SD70 leading 2 Dash 9s. This is also the first time I caught something older than a Dash 9 leading NS 173.

NS SD70 #2546-Old NS-New Cast P5 Horn
NS CW44-9 #9208-HH
NS CW44-9 #9863-HH

22:50 NS 238 goes by with a K5LAM Dash 8 and Dash 9.

NS CW40-8 #8448-HH-1st Gen K5LAM Horn
NS CW44-9 #9349-Old NS

27:33 NS 237 Goes by with 2 9s and an ACe. The lead 9 has a neat sounding K5LAM too. I believe the Dash 9 in the middle was used to be an OLS Dash 9, but not anymore.

NS CW44-9 #9795-HH-1st Gen K5LAM Horn
NS CW44-9 #9251-HH
NS SD70ACe #1128-HH

Flowery Branch, GA

31:01 NS 222 Goes by with a Pair of Dash 9s and Cool Crew.

NS CW44-9 #9281-HH-New Cast P5 Horn
NS CW44-9 #8919-HH

36:20 Final Train of the Day!! NS 912 the Rail train goes by with a One Unit Wonder SD60E.

NS SD60E #7014-HH-3rd Gen K5LA Horn.

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