Ridiculous New TH9 Attack Strategies for 2016 (Late Night Clashing)

This Video features – Town Hall 9 (and TH10) Attacks from CoCYT and DDD2. -GoVaHo by Dan/Bobbin -EQ LaLoon by Ching More Great TH9 Attack Strategies .

IMO, GoVaHo is STILL the best TH9 Attack Strategy for 3-Star Attacks (as of 2016.. probably up until the next update.. at least) This video will show you how to .

This video shows you some of the BEST TH8 3 STAR ATTACKS TO USE FOR CLAN WAR (Townhall 8 Attack Strategies for March 2016 Update). TIMESTAMPS: .

NEW VERSION of GoVaHo Attack Strategy HERE: This video explains some of the changes in the slightly .

Post time: 06-20-2017