Rodent Damaged Electrical Wiring

Sample of electrical wiring in service that has been damaged by rodents, rats in the roof, the risk of an electrical fire is real and rodent baiting to roof void areas and around buildings is necessary.
It is also very important to have an electrical earth leakage (safety switch) fitted to the electrical board to reduce the risk of an electrical fire.
Very few people get to see this type of rodent damage to electrical wiring as it always occurs in those hidden, difficult to access areas within the building.

Those choosing to use plastic water pipes in buildings, need to be aware that rodents have been found to gnaw on the plastic water pipes and at least in one occasion, that I have observed, have caused the water pipe to leak.

Rodent baiting and general pest control is important for human health and wellbeing, in general terms, pests affect human health and/or damage human habitat.

Post time: 12-26-2016