Scrapping An Electrical Panel Breaker Box – What’s Inside? Is It Worth It? More Money In Less Time!

Circuit breaker boxes. Are they worth the time it takes to get all the pieces separated? How much silver do you get from a breaker box? And where can you save time while getting the best scrap value? In this continuation of the earlier “Money From Nothing” series, I explore these sorts of questions by tearing into a couple circuit breaker boxes. If you’ve wondered what the scrap value is of your typical circuit breaker box, watch this video before scrapping another one! We all want to make money with scrap metal, but just because you’re scrapping metal for money doesn’t mean you want to spend all day doing it! Make more money in less time. Get the job done. Do the thing.

Dumpster diving, trash picking, scrapping flipping and reselling, get your fix here!






Post time: 07-30-2017