Sewing machine instructions

00:00-01:54 Introduction;
01:55-02:44 Install batteries or Plug in;
02:45-03:11 Using foot pedal;
03:12-04:11 Threading the machine—-Winding the bobbin;
04:12-04:49 Threading the machine—-Threading the upper thread;
04:50-05:37 Replacing the bobbin;
05:38-06:18 Replacing the needle;
06:19-06:38 Presser foot replacement—-Removing the presser foot;
06:39-07:08 Presser foot replacement—-Installing the presser foot;
07:09-09:17 Sewing;
09:18-09:52 Common problem and solution List;
09:53-11:00 Important safety instruction;

Post time: 07-17-2017