Sony TV- Bad picture Screen Service Repair Guide!!!

Sony TV with Bad picture Screen Service repair Guide, Sony bravia TV customer support warranty services for KDL- 52XBR9 KDL-52Z5100 1888-649-7669 Get TV boards- Sony Support-
Sony, T-con, power, main, inverter, Video boards Check out ShopJimmy[known+models]=SONY+KDL-52XBR9
replacement t-con boards may also apply for kdl-52z5500 “distorted picture” or “black bars” “black screen” “blank screen” on screen get TV Parts at
if you have “loses signal” or “no signal” or “weak signal” check video cables for pinches or loose connections then reset home theater devices by unplugging power strip cord from ac outlet for 2 minutes to hard reset system like TV cablebox, receiver ect.. if problem still happens plug cablebox’s good hdmi cable directly to TV’s empty HDMI port then select that TV input, if you still got no signal then video board is most likely bad or needs to be soldered.

Post time: 12-26-2016