Spool Generator

To make this generator you will need a plumber’s tape spool, neodymium magnets, insulated copper wire, LED etc. The plumber’s sealing tape has got white Teflon. Once the Teflon is finished the spool becomes a big pulley. Wind 800 turns of thin insulated copper wire used for motor rewinding on this spool. The wire is 35-gauge. Scrape the insulation from the ends of the wire unless you see shining copper. Attach these ends to a LED. This will complete the ELECTRICAL circuit.
Then take a bamboo rod and poke it in a piece of sponge. Fix two neodymium magnets at the two ends of this sponge. Spin the rod to ensure the magnets are balanced properly. Then add two pieces of straws on the two ends as stoppers. Now tape two paper clips on the white cover of the spool. The clips should be diametrically opposite. Slip the bamboo rod in the clips. Ensure that the rod must spin smoothly in the clips. This will be the complete MAGNETIC circuit.
Now assemble the white cover on its brown spool. It means bringing the Electrical and Magnetic circuits together. This will complete the GENERATOR. On spinning the bamboo stick the magnets will turn. This spinning magnetic field will generate a small current and light the LED. It is a very amazing and exciting model to make.

Post time: 07-29-2017