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1. Nuclear launch detected
2. Carrier has arrived
3. Did somebody call for an exterminator?
4. I’m going to six-pool you so hard when you come back to my place and baneling bust all over your face. I mean base.
5. You got a good 2-rack build going on there.
6. Zerg rush!
7. Wait, do you smell that? Smells like Fungal Growth
8. Holy Check! You are absolutely adorable.
8. I was scouting the area to reveal more of the map, and I noticed you guys.
9. Are you guys Korean? Your APM looks like it can be really high.
10. I’m in the Grandmaster League girl.
11. Day 9 made me do it.
12. You look like you could use a Stim Pack
13. Or some Bear Semen
14. I’m going to perform the Destiny Cloud Fist on you
15. Good Luck Have Fun
16. I saw this black guy and this white guy, Hwaiting.
17. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see The Little One
18. Gimme a hug. The merging is complete!
19. Where’s Cella?
20. That is so Gosu!
21. I actually want to be a boxer. You could say I want to be a SlayersBoxer
22. White girls versus Asian guys. That’s IMBA
23. Bad Manner
24. From the shadows I come
25. I’ve got a Dark Templar tatto.
26. Overlord
27. I’m Lit!
28. How can you guys be so cute? It’s so OP (Overpowered).
29. Terrible, terrible damage you guys.


Post time: 03-10-2018