Start Meditating Yet?

After fifty years of research by Western medicine, it is time to recommend meditating twice-daily for 20-minutes each – because it aids your longevity, healing and stress-busting.

The Hindus in India, Buddhists is Asia, and millions of Americans do a deep relaxation exercise that helps prevent many diseases from getting a foothold in their minds and bodies.

Meditation is used to accelerate healing, enhance health, and improve the function of our life processes. Research in August, 2006 – indicates that those who regularly meditate suffer

less common colds.

Han Selye

The father of understanding stress and the fight-or-flight syndrome was Dr. Hans Selye, a Canadian endocrinologist. He lived 1907-1982, and experimented at the University of Montreal, where he published 32 books on stress.

Today the AMA does not contradict his theory that Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke are somehow introduced by chronic-stress. Meditation is on the verge of being accepted as an adjunct to surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

How To Do It

Let us not get bogged down in the philosophy of meditation, but see it as the integration of our left and right brains toward creating a firewall against disease, and reducing or eliminating chronic-stress.

For detail medical data, Google Dr. Herbert Benson, Harvard Medical School. He offers a laundry list of mental and physical benefits from meditating.

Our personal experience over five-years is extraordinary, but we suggest you do your own research. It is not invasive, requires about 40 minutes daily, and offers everything to gain, and nothing to lose.


One: sit with your eyes closed, feet flat, and hands on the top of your knees.

Two: prepare to repetitiously chant some simple words – a Mantra is Sanskrit, for Thought.

Three: focus   upward  toward your third-eye, the Pineal-Gland; it is situated between both-eyes in-line with your eyebrows.

Four: use your fingertips to rotate back-and-forth across both thumbs throughout each twenty-minutes of meditating.

The Mysterious Sounds

Indians claim up to 3,500 years of experience with the use of sound as a vibrational frequency to excite the healing processes and activate mind and body – for improved life and enhanced health.

We recommend two separate mantras to quiet your stream-of-consciousness and reduce chronic stress.

a) Sat Nam – remember it as Viet-Nam, but it is pronounced and chanted – But-Mom. Take a deep diaphragmatic breath and gently release the air as you chant in a loop, B-U-T – M-O-M, B-U-T – M-O-M, etc., for a total of a two-dozen times. Drag-out-the sounds of the four phrase mantra.

b) SA-TA-NA-MA is the second looped chant. Take a deep diaphragmatic breath and slowly exhale as you repetitiously chant SATANAMA twenty-four times.

c) Simultaneously focus on your third-eye, while rotating you fingertips across your thumbs. The sequence is inhale, chant, third-eye, and fingertips.

Tell Me More

Here is what advocates of Kundalini Yoga suggest:

These two chants link us to two different vibrations of intelligence.

Sat Nam pierces the universal veil, and permits us to reach Infinite-Intelligence and Cosmic-Consciousness.

The SA-TA-NA-MA meditation is to clean out the closets of our non-conscious mind. Do this daily to transform how our mind and body experience life. Remember – it is our right-brain (non-consciousness) – that produces choice and life decisions.


We expect positive change in the future, and consider change a way to feel happier, and more peaceful. Simultaneously, we fear a change in our comfort-zone and the status-quo. Simply – it is a contrast between the known and unknown.

It is normal to want to be healthier, experience great relationships, and when sick, to be healed. Who does not want to be richer, get promoted and discover great meaning in our activities and behaviors?

We want to evict bad habits like smoking, overeating, anger and depression; and reprogram ourselves with self-esteem, more happiness and pleasure in our lives.

It is common knowledge even among twelve-year-olds that change begins with ourselves; others and our environment will not alter their systems and beliefs to suit us.

Is it a fact that when we change our inner-reality, our world becomes different?

Change your state-of-mind, beliefs and mood, and you control your life?

Think about this: the essence of all things is energy, electro-magnetic vibrations, but operating at different frequencies. Today, physics offers String Theory, 100 year old successor to Quantum Mechanics, to explain the universe.

Is it possible to alter our own vibrational-frequency to match what we want to attract? The answer may be in meditation through chanting because it raises our vibrations.


Ignore these two meditations at your peril. Learn and use them and discover the enormity of your personal and potential gifts-and-talents.

We advocate chanting for health, healing and joy – for its own sake. In terms of speed reading – chanting (meditating), removes resistance to learning.

Do you rationalize, become resigned to the status-quo, become aggressively opposed, and retreat (flight), from self-improvement? It is fear of newness.

See ya,

copyright © 2006

H. Bernard Wechsler

Post time: 11-15-2017