Starting a Mobile Oil Change Business – Local Market Assessment Considerations

So you want to start a mobile oil change business do you? Well you better do a careful assessment of the local market and the suppliers available before you start. Maybe they might even help you get started, who knows?

The large Oil Companies and their distributors often have deals or programs and most of these are predicated on the amount of oil you will buy in the future. I have seen no-interest loans, grants to help in the building of your business, discounts on inventory and co-marketing branding for dealers or oil change companies.

Not all the oil companies are interested in the mobile oil change format due to its small footprint and therefore unless you had some big fleet accounts you might find their assistance somewhat non-existent. Indeed, you seem to also be looking for capital.

If you do not have enough money saved to start such a business, putting yourself into debt or obligating yourself might be foolish. If you are already in business, how come that business is not successful? If you not good at business and now you are starting a new one, are you so sure this is a good idea?

You should pick up a copy of and see what the market is doing right now, these deals change often and are somewhat based on competition, luckily the oil companies are flush and in OH there seems to be a substantial amount of Jobbers, Distributors and companies to go and talk to.

Once you pick a brand to go with you need to stick with it. Some companies that own fleets are under warranty issues with their equipment manufacturer to use a certain type of oil, one you might not carry if you go with a sponsor.

So, if you are ready to sign a big account and they specify a brand you cannot take due to a pre-existing contract, you lose that potential. Or you can start another company with a friend and do it, if that is not also stipulated in the contract that you can’t. Oil companies are not stupid and do not like to be played.

It appears to me that most start-up entrepreneurs in the mobile oil change business are in over their heads and need to get real and dump this brain storm idea actually. So that is my opinion. You need a lot more education on the reality before you start screwing around in oil change industry.

Post time: 11-15-2017