Summer // Poor ‘Lil Heart // Joanna Smith

Eight year old Summer loves Joanna’s upbeat song about country music and its ability to heal. An ode to Patty Loveless and broken hearts, the lyrics come straight out of her South Georgia background: “A cup of coffee and a Patty CD / Head bobbin’ cause I’m buzzed on caffeine / Don’t matter which way I roll / As long as you ain’t where I go” AND “I can live on truck stop tacos / Candy bars and jelly beans / If I never see your face again / That would be too soon for me.” The song ends with these lines: “RC Cola and a Reba CD / Head bobbin’ ’cause I’m buzzed on caffeine / The way I’m rockin’, you’ll never know / That my poor little heart was broke” – She pours her heart into it!

Post time: 07-30-2017