Taeheung, Stripping machine for electric wire(Wire stripper) TH-801


- motive power : 3 hp Motor
…(The specification is adjustable by requirements.)

- Voltage : 220 v (The specification is adjustable by requirements.)

- electric power : 2.2 kw

- Product Hight : 1200 mm

- Product Width : 580 mm

- Product Length : 900 mm

- Product Weight : 450 kg

Applying three different types of mechanism, the machine can strip exterior covering and interior covering of wire in accordance with the shape and size of scrap wire or defective wire.
For more detail, the machine is equipped with two parts being put together to make the stripping process to be effective: thickness selective stripping part and thickness adjustable stripping part. The thickness selective stripping part can cut and strip the interior covering of wire by selecting the thickness of interior wiring inserted into wire with the upper pressure roller of exterior covering cutting part repeatedly opening and closing. The thickness adjustable stripping part can strip the interior wiring by adjusting the cut depth according to the thickness of interior wiring.

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Post time: 12-26-2016