Telescopes! An Invention Of The Ages For The Ages To Come

Our solar system and universe are full of beauty. Unfortunately, many of these beautiful celestial objects are not visible to the naked eye. This is where the magnificent telescope comes into play, allowing us to view objects like the planets of our solar system and beyond.

Telescopes are used for many purposes. One for scientist’s usually studying physics or astronomy. And on a more personal level people who just have a hobby of stargazing. Telescopes come with magnifiers, that allow us to see things magnified with a clear view. These things if not magnified would just look like any other object in the sky to our naked eyes.

So what makes a telescope work? The two lens’ that are installed into the telescope. Each lens has a specific function. The objective lens or primary mirror, collects the light radiated by the celestial object being viewed and brings it down to a focus point. The eyepiece lens picks up the sharp light from the focus point and disperses it to the eyes’ retina to view.

The diameter of a lens in the telescope determines how much light will be collected, and is termed the aperture. So the larger the lense the more light can be gathered. However image enlargement is dependent on the blending of the lens’. The eyepiece is the part of the telescope that does the magnification.

The prices of telescopes vary greatly. You can also buy different accessories to your telescope to increase the quality of the image seen. No matter which type of telescope you buy the objective is the same, and that is to view objects that are very, very far away. As with the rest of technological advancements, telescopes are only going to continue to evolve into becoming more and more powerful. Allowing us to see objects in space farther and farther away. This is truly exciting news we have been able to find other hospitable planets on solar systems millions of light years away. Only one can imagine what these great inventions of man will let us see in the future.

Post time: 11-15-2017