The Benefits of Playing Nintendo DS

I still remember the first Game Boy, with the gray color and yellow screen with the famous game “Tetris”.  But now the Game Boy has also evolved during the years; after the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, then Game Boy Advance, then GameBoy SP and finally Nintendo Dual Screen (DS).

At first the DS didn’t catch my attention, because of the dual screen, it was something I really didn’t like. Just two months ago I decided to buy one for my wife, so I went I bought one. I started playing some games and before I knew it I was hooked to the DS, that dual screen that I hated, I was starting to love it. One of the best thing it has, is the great amount of games they have available and they keep coming up like crazy. Go to a store and you see most of shelves with Nintendo DS games.  As you can see the Nintendo DS is very popular in the handheld and gaming industries, especially very popular among the kids.

As you can see the Nintendo DS is very popular and you could benefit from it.

How? By being a game tester, you could get paid by trying new games before they come out; all the gaming industries need to make sure that their games are top quality before they are released into the gaming community, that’s why they need you.  So you see that you can benefit from playing Nintendo DS by being a game tester.

So if you really love video games you can make this dream a reality because it’s possible. Well I’m off to test other videos games, it is time to take part on the gaming industries by being a game tester.  

Post time: 12-01-2017