The Devil is in the Details. Free Energy is not Impossible. But it is more Difficult to Manifest.

The Laws of Physics do not prohibit over unity: the production of more energy out than in. Emmy Noether has theorized this already 100 years ago and this is accepted as standard theory as posted by Wikpedia under their article on Conservation of Energy …

But the interactive nature of the physical plane does make things more complicated. You have to get cooperation from among all the forces of nature to succeed at materializing physical overunity. While on the astral plane of dreamers — Men and Women of La Mancha, like myself — manifestation of free energy is a bit easier just like my simulations are a bit easier to succeed at manifesting in their virtual reality of computers. But there’s still a difference between easy and difficult and no possibility for impossibility. Anything is possible; not impossible. But difficulty on this gross material plane of existence is anything but easy for the more arcane pursuits of getting more energy out than energy put into a circuit.

Post time: 06-20-2017