The One-Minute Speed-Reading Improvement Exercise

One of the issues that you might experience when learning to speed read, is thinking it takes a lot of time each day to get good.

Well if you do 15 minutes practice a day for 30 days you will start to see good results. To help you get the most out of those 15 mints if that’s all you can do a day, there is a basic one-minute speed reading exercise that you can perform a number of times in those 15 minutes of practice each day.

OK here are the basic steps of this one- minute speed reading stretching exercise:

o Read for one minute and then count how many lines you have read.

o Next read for another minute, this time reading two lines more than you did the first time.

o Continue doing this adding 2 lines more each time, (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc)

o Continue doing this until you are unable to comprehend what you are reading or unable to recall what you have just read.

o Then Stick at this level until your comprehension and recall improve. And then speed up again.

One important point about speed reading is this. Speed reading is called speed reading so people seem to think is all about reading as fast as you possibly can, but if you are reading so fast that you are unable to comprehend what you read you are wasting your time. Speed comes in time so just remind yourself of this key principle of speed reading:-

“Always read for good comprehension and recall.”

You need to concentrate to speed read well, if you are unable to understand and remember what you read you will find that your concentration will drift and as a result you will become board and want to stop reading.

As you do this exercise regularly over time your concentration ability will improve as it does you can extend this exercise to 2 minutes, then 4, then 6 and so on for as long as you are able and comfortable to do.

Post time: 03-10-2018