The Ultimate Linkin Park Song List of All Time – And Why

During the month of Spring Break while I was in South Beach, me and a couple of friends were having a very heated argument about what would be the ultimate Linkin Park song list of all time. Now I know that picking your favorite songs is a matter of one’s opinion. But I came up with an idea! I was going make my list based on the power & impact that each song had on my life when it was released. Here is a list of my top ten favorite songs, and I think you’ll be surprised at my picks…

10. Bleed It Out – This song came off the group’s 2007 Minutes to Midnight album and tells a compelling story about how they have to dig deep from with inside themselves to bleed out all of the pain that someone caused just so they can throw it all away. With the killer   drum  kicks by Rob Bourdon and the powerful lead vocals by Chester Bennington. You can really feel this song in your soul.

9. Somewhere I Belong – This song is one of my favorites because of the oneness and closeness that I feel with this classic song. “I had nothing to say and I get lost in the nothingness inside of me” really paints a vivid picture about how empty one feels inside.

8. One Step Closer – Every time I hear this song I think about a bad relationship that getting worse by the minute. The killer guitar riffs by David and Brad is what makes this song that much more powerful!

7. Faint – Off of the Meteora album, “Faint” is true to form and reminiscent of the groups first 10 million seller LP Hybrid Theory.

6. Runaway – Seeking answers from a world that has given him nothing but lies is so powerful in itself. Chester Bennington effortlessly kills this track with his powerful vocals.

5. Crawling – “There’s something inside of me that pulls beneath the surface,” speaks on the struggles that the group is having with self-control and confidence. The band really delivers on the song, painting a compelling yet beautiful picture.

4. Hit The Floor – Mike really shows off his rap skills on this track as the rest of the band follows suite to true rock form. “Hit the Floor” is nothing less than a classic.

3. Numb – Brad Delson has to be one of the best guitarists on the planet. “Numb” is a story about a person becoming numb to a lover that is smothering him in a very selfish and uncontrollable way.

2. Papercut – The guitar riffs are what make this song a classic to me. Just the way Mike easily raps over the music in Papercut, this is what brings different dynamics to this track.

1. In The End – There is no way in the world that this song should not be number one! This is the very first song that I heard from this group and I’ve been a die-hard fan ever since. I have never heard a rap/rock song before that made me feel so much passion; love, desire and conviction the way “In The End” made me feel. By far this is my favorite song ever by Linkin Park.

Whether you agree with my picks for the ultimate Linkin Park song list of all time or not. There is no denying that Linkin Park is one the best rap/rock groups of our time and that their musical style is nothing short of pure genius.

Post time: 12-01-2017