Tips to Making Knitting Easier

Knitting is a fun and very relaxing hobby. You are able to create many items. Anything from small items such as dishcloths to big items like afghans. If you are just starting out you will need to know the basic stitches that are Knit and Purl. The pattern of different stitches are the knit and purl stitches, but how you use them is how the patterns are made.

The basic stitches are as follows. The garter stitch is all the stitches are knitted every row. The stockinette is knit one row purl one row, and is one of the most commonly used in the body of the project. Next there is the rib stitch which is either knit one, purl one, or knit two, purl two depending on the pattern. The rib stitch is most commonly used for cuffs and necks and bottoms of the sweaters. also used as the border at times.

They also use slip stitches that you slip from one needle to the other on while you are knitting. Then there is the yarn over which you just yarn over the needle and follow the pattern. this often makes the piece look lacey.

Then there is the cable stitch which is used to put the design on the sweater or afghan. You need a cable needle for this. you slip two stitches on the cable hook and either put it in front or back of the of the needles and then you knit the next two on the needles then you pick up the cable needle and then knit the two off this cable needle and you repeat it as the pattern or projects say to. This stitch moves the stitches over two and makes the cables in the project. It is easy to do.

Knitting needles are very important also they come in many sizes from 1 to 17. There are straight ones, Circular needles and Double pointed needles. The straight ones are often used for many things. The circular needles hold more stitches then do the straight needles do you can knit either back and forth or in a circle on the circular needles. The double pointed needles are often use to make socks or hats and you use four or five needles. I use these when I make my christmas stockings that way there is no seam to sew up and you just knit stitch all the way around to make the stockinette stitch.

The most common abbreviations are as follows K= knit, P= purl, st= stitch, sl st = slip stitch inc= increase, dec=decreased, tog= together, beg=beginning, pat=pattern, rep=repeat, yo=yarn over, sk-skip.

There is so much you can do with all this information you are on the way when you learn the abbreviations. You can read any patterns now.

Post time: 12-26-2017