Top 5 Tips on How to Control Diabetes

Remember the TV shows that featured the guy balancing spinning plates atop of sticks, and how harried he was trying to get them all to spin but not fall down?  Some people feel that way about controlling their diabetes, but they really should not. 

1. Educate yourself

People who are first diagnosed with diabetes tend to panic, and then slowly they realize that they need to find out more about the condition in order to stay out of trouble.  The Internet is a fascinating place, and if you stick to the “accepted” health articles, you not only can learn how to control your diabetes but live a long and healthy life with diabetes.

There are special classes being held all the time for the new diabetic, or even as a brush-up course for those who are not newly diagnosed. Mostly they are given free in various hospitals and you will learn more about diabetes through such courses, than you ever thought possible.

2. Medical care

Your Doctor is your Doctor because you rely on that person.  Visit your Doctor regularly, write down your questions, and record your answers if you must, but be open with not only the doctor, but also friends and family too.  Know that they can help and they care.

3.  Actively control diabetes

Granted your Doctor, friends and family want to help, but they can’t do it for you.  You will have to stick to your food plan that your Doctor has made you aware of, or that the dietitian created for you. If you cheat, you are only cheating yourself. 

4. Fear not an A1C

Your Doctor will want you to test your blood sugar at regular intervals so that you keep on top of your blood sugar lows and rises, however every three months your Doctor will call you into the office to have blood drawn for an A1C to be performed.  All that entails is a three month average of your blood sugars.  You’ll also be tested for blood pressure and cholesterol so that you remain healthy as possible. Now to tie in with the last tip, if you cheat, this is where it will show up! 

5. Monitors

As you learn how to test yourself for a blood sugar reading, you’ll find that there are many products out there that will help you tremendously.  New inventions come onto the market steadily.  For example you do not even have to do a painful finger stick now. Monitors have done away with keeping a tedious diary of blood sugar tests, as they now even have excellent memories that can be totally relied upon. One monitor can take a blood sample from your forearm instead of your ultra-sensitive fingertip.  It is touted as being “virtually painless.” 

Believe it or not, there’s even a monitor out there that can do that A1C blood count at home, and scientists are creating new things to treat diabetes daily. Remember, always, that having diabetes is not a death sentence, there are a myriad of things out there to help you live comfortably with diabetes.

Post time: 11-14-2017