Tropidelic – “Volume” (Savage Royale Remix) [Official Video]

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Release date 12/2/16


Recorded at RCR Recording
Mastered by Jake Pastor


(Roads & James)

Turn up the volume, your head is bobbin, forget your problems
This is my request to build my coffin out the speaker column,
It costs you nothin to feel it bumpin, call that a bargain
(Excuse me did you say something?)


Wrote a damn, masterpiece
Wit a sharpie lookin for my car keys found weed
Rooled a blunt, sparked it up,
she hit it twice took a shot and I fell in love
Ima try and spit a verse before I black out
I’m seeing stars, and an open bar so don’t even start
This shit has gone too far, goin 50 in a 35 flippin off a cop car
For real? Nah
Who the hell you think we are?
Im just a guy with a blindfold and a puzzle
tryna pick the right part
But alas, at last, I found the right piece
Whats in the trunk gives me a chance to breath
When I got what you need, we go at my speed
Cant keep up? Drop to your knees
I been rappin since I sucked
Ill keep rappin till I suck
And I trust, that youll boo me off stage if im not real enough
So hit the club, ima blow a whole eighth
Getting stoned on my tour bus
while your puking on your north face


Kickin’ up dust in the Rust Belt nonstop
Froze so I’m wearing wool socks but we’re on top
It’s startin’ to feel quite a lot like a long shot
Like I blacked out being white on the wrong block
Ticky ticky tock goes the clock and the process
Obnoxious and out of options, I lost conscience
I feel like dog shit, I’ll start a fire in a mosh pit
I’d rather be a liar than a convict, congress
Cop it, roll it, burn it, blunted, even ballin’ on a budget
Thats what they call that stoner love
The hard north’s just par for
Livin’ in a cardboard box by the harbor
Hardcore, like you’re on all fours
Catchin’ more holes than a dartboard
Cuttin’ more green than a golf course, far more
Its evident the president is presently punked
If you’re breakin’ off a little bit, I’m takin me the chunk
You’re claiming that your innocent but covered in the blood
Everybody know your girl loves free drugs
All she ever dates is these deadbeat duds
And your girl wana meet me because
She can never get enough of these deadbeat duds, believe me cuz!

Post time: 09-04-2017