Trump Just Found Obama’s ‘Illegal’ Device Left Behind In Oval Office And Is Going To Make Him PAY

Trump Just Found Obama’s ‘Illegal’ Device Left Behind In Oval Office And Is Going To Make Him PAY

Ever since Trump got into office liberals have been running wild with Russian conspiracy theories, screaming that they’ve found the “smoking gun” that will get Trump impeached despite there being zero evidence to date to prove any type of Trump-Russia collusion. But in the midst of their ongoing witch hunt to prove Trump’s guilt, unfortunately for them, they just stumbled upon an illegal device that Obama left in the Oval Office, proving who was really in bed colluding with the Russians this entire time.
It’s truly amazing how liberals continue to turn a blind eye to the PROVEN collusion that both Obama and Hillary have engaged in for years. Who can forget the hot mic moment where Obama was caught telling the outgoing Russian president to “transmit to Vladimir Putin” that he would “have more flexibility” after the elections, or the fact that Hillary Clinton sold 20 percent of the United States’ uranium to the Russians, funneling a whopping $144 million to her Clinton Foundation?

As liberals continue to ignore all the Russian colluding of their own freaking party, it was just revealed that the Obama Administration has a “back channel” to communicate with Russian officials, which is basically a secure line that prevents intelligence agencies such as the NSA from being able to listen in on the calls.
The news comes just after liberals accused Trump White House advisor Jared Kushner for trying to open a back communication channel with Russian officials during the election last year, but in the midst of their investigation, they found that Obama had a black channel of his own. Conservative Fighters reported:

The Obama administration had a “back channel” to communicate with Russian officials, according to a new report detailing Moscow’s efforts to delegitimize the U.S. presidential election results.

The news comes after Trump White House aide Jared Kushner was criticized for allegedly trying to open a back channel line of communications with Russian officials during the transition last year.
Former intelligence officials called Kushner’s alleged back channel “dangerous,” but now Bloomberg reports the Obama administration had its own back channel to Moscow.

The White House contacted the Kremlin on what Bloomberg described as a “modern-day red phone” after Russian operatives tried to infiltrate software and databases used by state election officials.

Bloomberg further detailed the disturbing revelation of Obama’s “red phone” that he kept in the Oval Office that was specially put in place as a secure message channel for staying in contact with the Kremlin:

The scope and sophistication so concerned Obama administration officials that they took an unprecedented step — complaining directly to Moscow over a modern-day “red phone.” In October, two of the people said, the White House contacted the Kremlin on the back channel to offer detailed documents of what it said was Russia’s role in election meddling and to warn that the attacks risked setting off a broader conflict.

The “red phone” wasn’t literally a phone, but a secure messaging channel for ” urgent messages and documents,” according to Bloomberg. NBC News first reported on the red phone in December, noting the red phone has existed in various forms for the last 50 years or so.

Post time: 06-20-2017