Trust No Government on This Planet and Beware of Systems Promising Too Much

What did our founding fathers who drafted our foundational documents know, and when did they know it? What did they know that we don’t know today? Well, I would submit to you that it is quite evident from reading all the documents, letters, and meeting minutes that they knew that even if they built the perfect government it wouldn’t remain so long due to the weakest link, the people who would be entrusted to run it, and those who gave them the power to rise to that occasion.

Did the founders know anything that we don’t know today – probably not, but they all seemed to understand their history and the challenges of monarchies, governments, and republics of their past and their present, which is now our considered all our past. Okay so, it appears by the checks and balances set up in our governmental structure that they didn’t trust governments, or that the structure wouldn’t be usurped no matter what they did – they definitely understood human nature, but do we now in our present period?

Indeed, I would submit to you that we don’t, that we need to lift the fog of political correctness which has rolled in over the masses, before our founders roll over in their graves. Further, I would submit to you that we should never trust any government, politician, or system, yes system. Including the systems that run our civilization, and those which are appearing primed to take over our lives – every aspect – watching over us as if a false good. Why? Well we are told they are watching over us for our own good – yes, but a lot of good it seems to be doing us.

Further, we are told that the government, politicians, and systems they’ve endorsed or created (Al Gore created the Internet? ha ha) just need a little fixing so they might serve us better. No, things will only get more complex, and complexity is dangerous, as per Murphy, someone I’ve come to know to trust more than any human on this pale blue dot. It is very important that the citizens of the US do not blindly go to slaughter like blind sheep (sheople). We’ve come too, we’ve sacrificed too much, and we should know better.

Trust is a lot like respect, it must be earned, and that takes time, and it takes a real effort. It’s obvious that the “system” of government is broken in Washington DC, it’s also obvious that developing a computerized system to assist our government do what they are doing better cannot work, until which time the government is fixed, then we can add-in a better computerized system as an overlay of efficiency. But I remind my readers, hear the wisdom of those who came before us – heed their warnings – then and only then can we maintain our freedom, liberty, and ability to pursue our goals and dreams of our life experience.

Post time: 06-20-2017