Warcraft Professions – 5 Ways to Make Gold With Low Level Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing has been on the decline as a profession for the past two years. The majority of players in Warcraft now take at least one gathering profession – many of them take two.

The reasons are understandable. The cost of levelling a crafting profession, and the time taken to do it, means that players taking this route are often well behind the players who gather in terms of gold and equipment.

However, all is not lost. Blacksmithing does have some benefits, and there are definitely some low level items that will sell. Here we take a look at 5 of the best low level items to craft for profit.

1- Enchanting Rods. Blizzard like to make professions inter-reliable to an extent. The only way Enchanters can make the rods they need, is to buy the basics from a Blacksmith. Check out the availability of Silver Rods, Golden Rods and perhaps Truesilver Rods in your auction house. If there are two or less, consider making one or two of these, they can fetch quite a sum.

2- Big Bronze Knife. Rogues at about level 15 love this weapon, it has a Stamina Buff and can be sold for twice the material cost on most servers. As with all these items though, check the material costs against your expected selling price first.

3- Runed   Copper  Gauntlets. With this tip roll yourself a new character and get them straight into the Enchanting profession. Even at the lowest level they will be able to disenchant this item (and level themselves up while disenchanting – double bonus) The dust that this produces is often worth more than either the item or the cost of the materials. As usual though check first!

4- At a higher level (30) the Jade Serpentblade is an absolute barn-stormer as a one handed sword for dual wielders. WIth 18.3 damage per second and good buffs to strength and agility. The downside of this is availability of Jade. If you can get this gem cheaply then this item will make you a lot of gold. If however the Jade is too expensive, then hold off and wait for the price to drop.

5- Sharpening stones and Weight stones – I have no idea why these are so unpopular. For fast weapons these are a fantastic deal. The damage is not “per second” based – it is “per hit” so dual wielders with fast weapons will get a massive benefit from these. The low level ones (Coarse, Heavy and Solid) coupled with fast weapons makes a very cheap killing  machine . You may have to use the trade channel to point this out to people though something like. “Pair of Serpentblades with a supply of sharpening stones. Ideal DPS combination, whisper me”

Of course there are quite a few items at high level that do sell – so the profession is worth it for those. You also benefit from the extra sockets when you yourself are high level. Very useful. But at a low level, these 5 items will make sure that Blacksmithing is not quite the gold sink that it can sometimes feel.

Post time: 12-26-2017