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So you’ve got a phone that can surf the web. You can google on the go and mingle on the move.
But you might be wondering “what does my data allowance actually get me?”

To begin with , it’s handy to know that there are 1,024 kilobytes to a megabyte and 1,024 megabytes to a gigabyte.
A standard WhatsApp message is around 30KB whereas your average music track will take up around 4MB, and an hour on Facebook will eat up about 20MB.
So before you go totally tap happy, it may be wise to consider how everything adds up.

These days, 1GB data allowances are common, so we’ll use that as our reference.
1GB will allow you to send approximately 34,133 emails or watch around 68 YouTube videos, or even watch 10 half an hour epodes of TV on demand.
For light use of data. Like mailing, socialising and casual web browsing for, 1GB should be plenty. Heavier use, such as downloading apps and regular YouTube viewing could quickly take you over the limit.

To help keep your costs down, find out what happens when you’ve reached your data limit. Some plans charge a higher rate for exceeding it, while others will simply cut off the service and reactivate it the following month. If yours is the former, it could be worth upgrading or monitoring your usage. There are plenty of useful apps out there to help you do this.
Also, look out for Wi-Fi. This magical internet source is becoming more and more common in public areas. And once you’re connected, you can world wide web to your heart’s content, without using any of your data. That’s right! An endless supply of memes, funny cat videos and Instagrammed dinners, right at your fingertips!

Now go forth and surf!

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Post time: 09-04-2017