What Is ASTM A572?

The Properties

There are quite a few properties that you should be aware of when choosing ASTM A572. The first is the chemical properties. A typical breakdown includes carbon, phosphorus, Sulphur, and manganese. The percentage of carbon is typically kept at below 0.25 percent while manganese is at around 1.35 percent. It is important to know that these percentages can vary by a small amount within each batch that is created of the steel alloy.

With these chemical properties comes the characteristics. There is a low weight associated with this alloy and there is a higher yield and tensile strength. It offers the best of both worlds in many situations because it is both ductile and easy to form. Often, when a metal alloy is highly ductile, it’s not easy to form.

Many machine processes will work with ASTM A572. You will also find that it is very easy to weld. The high-strength alloy can be used in a variety of structural applications because of its properties.

The Applications

The applications that utilize ASTM A572 the most include those that are structural in nature. The steel plate will often be used as structural steel stiffeners, these plates, bridge plates, and gusset plates. The grade of the plate will also depend on how it is used. The grades include 42, 55, 60, and 65.

It’s also important to know that certain grades are not available in certain sizes. For example, if you want a size that is larger than 4 inches, you will typically have to go to a lower grade, such as 42. If you want a higher grade level, you will have more options when it comes to sizes. This includes everything from 3/16 of an inch all the way to 4 inches.

Available Sizes

The size of the steel plate needs to be taken into consideration. Whether you want something that is a fraction of an inch or several inches thick will make a difference in terms of how you plan on working it, working with it, and ordering it from a supplier.

Not all suppliers keep all grades and all sizes available in inventory. There may only be limited stock in certain grades and sizes as well. Once you identify the size and agreed that you need, it will be easier to place an order with a supplier. Further, and choose which supplier you want to work with based upon their inventory availability.

Placing an order for ASTM A572 is a task you don’t want to rush into. It’s best to identify everything that you need for your project and determine whether the steel alloys is capable of meeting all of the needed characteristics. From there, you can work to find a reputable supplier who stocks the level of inventory that you need.

Post time: 12-25-2017