What Will I Ever Do? What Accessory Can I Use?

Have you ever had a room you just didn’t know how to decorate and what kind of accessory to use? Where do I get my inspiration? It is so large, what will I ever do with it?

We recently experienced this exact problem when it came time to redo our living room. This room is a 30 foot long room with one part being the dining room that is 10 x 10 feet wide, one section being 13 x 13 for the formal living room area and the remaining area being the entry way that goes into the hall that connects the bedrooms. Every room upstairs had been done and looked great and matched the personality of our family members but the living room/dining room area literally scared me – where do I even start? After all the room is still decorated in lime green, you know the 70′s decade. It was scary. I wanted to do something so I watched every decorating program available, but nothing was inspiring me. Does any of this sound familiar.

Then for a family reunion we had the opportunity to go to Bryce Canyon in Utah. It is absolutely beautiful with color, stunning, breathtaking. While walking through the gift shops we found this most beautiful, colorful rock that we just had to have. We brought this rock home and promptly set it on the mantle of the fireplace in the living room – yes it stuck out like a sore thumb. As the weeks went along and I really began to think about the decoration for the living room I would sit in the room and just try to feel the atmosphere and what needed to happen there. One day as I sat there my eyes fell on the rock and all of a sudden I had the inspiration I needed and I ran with it. And today it is one of my very favorite rooms in our home.

So how did I go from a scary room to my very favorite soothing, relaxing rooms. I learned several things I would like to share with you.

1 – Don’t rush the redecorating of a room. It will all happen at the right time and if your rush the redecorating process than you might not like it and have wasted the money and still not like the room.

2 - Fit your personality to the room, it doesn’t matter what the latest trends are how do you want to feel in that room when it is done? Be yourself you have to live in your home make it your castle.

3 – Find your inspiration. Your inspiration not someone else’s. Find an object that you like and would like to expand on. We loved the colors in the rock. You should have seen the paint store clerk when we took our rock in to pick out color chips and have paint mixed. That experience alone was fun enough to bring back fond memories as we enjoy our room. Use the colors in your inspirational piece in all aspects, we painted the walls using colors from the rock – accessorized with furniture and vases and wall hangings, baskets

and mirrors to bring out the other colors in the rock. It was great. From pine furniture, to quilts and throws to wall clocks to mirrors we took colors from the rock. Then just for fun we splashed in two additional colors, one is a bold blue, my favorite color and then the color that I have carried into each of my rooms in the house. And it all worked!!! Remember there is always an accessory for every room, a basket, unique picture frame, a home accent for every place.


I hope this little bit of information has helped give you some ideas for those hard to decorate areas. It will all come together. Just give it a chance!!! Nothing is impossible.

Post time: 12-25-2017